Below is a list of the projects we shot:


Holy King (TBA)

90 min | Drama | Co-Production with BK Films | Status: Filming

When you become magnanimous, the temptation is to become great.

Director: Ignat Kachan | Cinematographer (DoP): Maxim Babich



Liberte (TBA)

90 min | Drama | Co-Production with Bez Buslou Arts | Status: Postproduction

Anna’s son is a drug addict. His mother has a plan to get rid of addiction. An Interpol investigator managing the affairs of Anna’s missing husband becomes an obstacle to her plan. The investigator is confident that a woman can help him to get valuable information. Anna will have to find out that truth has its own power, that there is guilt that cannot be accepted, and love that cannot be abandoned..

Director: Andrey Kureychik | Cinematographer (DoP): Nikita Pinigin

Stars: Svetlana Anikey, Jean-Marc Birkholz

Stalag III-C

Stalag III-C (2019)

13 min | Short, Horror | Co-Production with Funny How Films

In the final days of World War II, US paratrooper Joe Boyd leads a daring escape from a Nazi POW camp, only to face a more horrifying evil beyond the prison walls.

Director: Jason Rogan | Cinematographer (DoP): Vladan Pavic

Stars: Sam FalconiVadim GitlinHenri FalconiAnrdew Drobysh

Через беды и печали

Через беды и печали (2017 TV Movie)

171 min | Drama | Production Service

Natalja Tikhonova, after serving in the colony for the murder of the bridegroom, whom she did not commit, returns to her native village. But neighbors and acquaintances forgot nothing and did not forgive anything. Nobody is happy about the murderer-she is not given a job, Natalia is all being persecuted and insulted. Even his own father does not believe in his daughter’s innocence. She decides to go to her aunt to the city and start a new life. Soon Natalia realizes that the past will not let her go, wherever she went.

Director: Artem Markov | Stars: Aleksandr AbramovichViktoria BurchizEkaterina DanilovaAkeksandra Gajduk

Поговори со мной

Поговори со мной (2017)

25 min | Short, Drama | Co-Production with BK Films

“Talk to me” is a drama about the relationship between father and son. The picture tells how the fifteen-year-old Max tries to find out the truth about his relationship with the Father in a conversation with a psychologist.

Director: Ignat Kachan | Cinematographer (DoP): Maxim Babich

Stars: Vadim GitlinVyacheslav GrishechkinPavel Yuzhakov-Kharlanchuk

Sabaton: Primo Victoria

Sabaton: Primo Victoria (2017)

4 min | Short, Music

What happens when metal meets metal? Find it out in our latest video, where the keen tankers and talented musicians from Sabaton join forces with World of Tanks to kick off the most powerful collaboration between music and games.

Director: Zoran Bihac | Cinematographers (DoP): Andrey Krauzov, Aleksandr Mikeladze, Vladan Pavic

CG-Supervisor: Alex Dubko | Postproduction studio: VAL Studio

Под кронами деревьев

Под кронами деревьев (2016)

15 min | Short, Drama | Co-Production with BK Films

The film takes place in the Belarusian village. The protagonist – Mironych learns that the local businessman – L’vovich, is going to cut down the forest situated near the village. Mironych knows how much this forest is important to the local people. But he solves this problem in an unusual way: he builds a stage and arranges a holiday for the whole village, so that L’vovich feels love for the local residents and changes his decision about deforestation.

Director: Ignat Kachan | Cinematographer (DoP): Maxim Babich

Stars: Veronika BuslaevaIrina KabanovaNikolay KirichenkoBoris Lutsenko


Людоед (2016)

23 min | Short, Comedy

One day of life of residents of an apartment building which recognized their neighbour as a murderer and cannibal from the criminal TV-show “Watch Out with Eduard Tumanov”

Director: Aleksandr Vysokovskiy | Cinematographer (DoP): Michael Onipenko | CG-Supervisor: Vasilij Pauk

Stars: Aleksandr Pavlov, Svetlana AnikeyEvgenij ChanovValentina GarzuevaTamara Mironova